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Dana Scully
[Dana Scully] Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully is a medical doctor with a specialty in forensics and with an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Maryland (1986) [Jersey Devil]. She was recruited for the FBI right out of medical school, and had been teaching for two years at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va, where she went against parents' wishes. She was assigned by Section Chief Scott Blevins to be Mulder's partner in order to keep an eye on him and determine whether he is perhaps too obsessed with the X Files.
Scully is extremely skeptical of anything paranormal, believing that everything has a logical, scientifically-quantified explanation. Though in most of the cases she and Mulder have been on she has not witnessed any overt paranormal activities, she has had brushes with unexplainable phenomena that may have her start questioning her beliefs [Beyond the Sea; Lazarus; Born Again; Erlenmeyer Flask; Fresh Bones; Colony; End Game; The Calusari; Elegy]. However, she is determined to uncover the science behind the phenomena [End Game]. She finds her faith in a scientific and orderly universe constantly challenged by the cases she pursues with Mulder. Far from being a spy for the bureaucrats who hinder their work, Scully is a full partner in the X-Files, focusing on assembling the hard evidence that will prove the truth is out there.
[Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully] At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Scully was reassigned, returning to the FBI academy at Quantico, Va. to instruct new agents on the basics of forensic medicine [Little Green Men]. However, Mulder called upon her expertise in violent crime cases to which he had been assigned [The Host, Blood]. Scully was abducted by escaped mental patient Duane Barry and disappeared [Ascension]. After a three-month absence, she showed up at a Georgetown hospital in a coma [One Breath]. She revived and recovered, and is back as Mulder's partner. The missing memories during her disappearance may be surfacing, however, and a piece of metal resembling a computer chip found in her shoulder may also provide a clue [Irresistible, The Blessing Way, Nisei]. [Dana Scully's official photo]
At the end of Season 2, Scully went into hiding with Mulder, missing a scheduled meeting with Skinner and putting her career in jeopardy [Anasazi]. Upon her return to D.C., she was suspended and asked to turn in her badge and gun, and she sought solace with her mother and sister. At Mulder's father's funeral, she was warned that her life was in danger. Scully suspected Skinner, but found that instead he was on their side. In a case of mistaken identity, her sister Melissa was fatally shot in Scully's apartment by Krycek [The Blessing Way]. Scully and Mulder have since been reinstated.
[Dana Scully - image courtesy of The X-Files 101 (http://www.turning-pages.com/xf101/)] In Season 3, Scully has discovered another group of potential abductees, all MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) members, who recall seeing her during her abduction [Nisei]. She was directed to a dilapidated compound in West Virginia, which looked familiar to her [731]. She was also affected by a signal sent over television cable wires, causing violent and aggressive behavior [Wetwired]. Scully has discovered that has a malignant, inoperable tumor behind her nasal cavity, but she underwent treatment [Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Zero Sum]. Sometimes, her nose started to bleed [Memento Mori, Max]. In the final episode of 4th season, Scully, during a meeting with superiors where she denounced Mulder and the X Files investigation, reported that her cancer has metastasized [Gethsemane]. Later, her cancer goes into remission [Redux II]. She stayed working in the lab, trying to understand her illness, right up until he final collapse, and the experience seems to have given her a renewed faith in God. She was very angry she got at the injustice of cancer, and its meaninglessness. Then she realized that that was a struggle: to give it meaning, to make sense of it [Detour]. She started to question her priorities since she was first diagnosed with cancer and feels like she was given a second chance. She thought that she was afraid of death and dying, but now she isn't any more [Christmas Carol].
[Dana Scully] According to Kurt Crawford, while she was away, she was subjected to large amounts of radiation to make her produce lots of eggs, which were harvested for hybridization experiments [Memento Mori]. The sample Mulder was shown was taken on October 29th 1994. This process left her infertile - a fact she only learnt "a few months" before Christmas 1997, and didn't tell anyone about until then. Being infertile is a bad thing for Scully. She says she didn't realize how much she wanted children until she found out she could never have them [Christmas Carol]. When she had reason to believe that she had discovered Melissa's child, she wanted to adopt her. She was, however, told that she had very little chance of being given custody, due to her time-consuming job that she was committed to. The child (named Emily Christine Sim) was born in November 1994, and Scully is the mother, genetically. The eggs were taken from her and fertilized, presumably using alien DNA. The foetus was gestated by an elderly woman called Anna Fugazzi - despite the often-seen image of Scully with the pregnant body (seen first as Mulder's imagining of what was happening to her [Ascension], but later seen in Scully's memory [Nisei]) Scully herself did not give birth. The girl, Emily, thus has green corrosive blood. When some unknown treatment at Transgen Pharmeuticals (administered by a doctor who is himself a hybrid) is withdrawn, Emily dies [Emily].
Scully began to believe that her abduction was by aliens after all, though Mulder was firmly on the government cover-up line [Patient X]. Abductees are summoned by their implants and return, en masse, to the place of their abduction, while aliens come out of ships and zap them. Abductees like Scully are called "the chosen" and are scheduled to be abducted en masse at the start of the colonization, 15 years in the future. Rebels who want to ruin the colonization plans obviously believe that killing the abductees is a good way of doing it - a major blow to the colonization. Scully underwent regression hypnosis and remembers stuff that is definitely alien. For a while, she believed. By the end of the episode, she is beginning not to... [William Scully]
(Lot of stuff missing here, I know). She gave birth to a healthy boy William, named after Mulder's father [Existence]. The boy was in constant danger from various groups of people and after what was a terribly hard decision, she decided to give him for adoption. William went to the Van De Kamp family [William] and lives now in Wyoming.
Scully, born Feb. 23, 1964, [Lazarus, One Breath] is a middle child; she has one older (born 1961) (William Jr.) and one younger brother (born 1968) (Charles) [Born Again], and an older sister, Melissa, now deceased [One Breath, Paper Clip]. Her father died early in 1994; they were apparently close at one time (she called him Ahab; he called her Starbuck), but her family disapproved of her joining the Bureau [Beyond the Sea]. She had a yearlong relationship with an instructor at the Academy, Jack Willis, with whom she shared the same birthdate [Lazarus]. In college, she took German [Unruhe]. She is just as much a workaholic as Mulder, and is currently not seeing anyone [Jersey Devil].
Scully drinks her coffee with cream, no sugar [E.B.E.]. Her favorite meal seems to be kung-pao chicken [Novel: Ground Zero]. She is a fond of pizza, especially with mushrooms on it. There are also pizza crusts among the leftovers on her bed in "Chinga". And she and Mulder are eating pizza out of what looks like a chicken bucket in Aubrey. She eats seafood [Chinga], though seems intimidated by the lobster, ribs [Red Museum] and fried chicken [Our Town]. Plain yogurt with bee pollen [Dreamland] seems to be also her favorite. Sometimes, she drinks alcohol (wine) [Small Potatoes, Tempus Fugit, Never Again, Detour]. She's been to the liberty bell [Shadows], and watches the Discovery Channel [Die Hand Die Verletzt]. [Dana Scully] She was raised as a Catholic [Miracle Man, Revelations]. She usually wears a necklace bearing a small cross, which she got from her mother Margaret when she was 15 [Ascension] or maybe at Christmas [Christmas Carol]. It was left behind in the car in which she was abducted [Ascension] and was returned to her by Mulder [One Breath]. Mrs Scully said it would show her how God is always looking after her, whatever happens. When little Emily reaches for the cross, Scully gives it to her. Given that she's worn it for nearly 20 years, this is a very symbolic gift, showing her attachment to the child, even before she knew it was hers. She gets the cross back from the coffin, when Emily has turned to nothing but sand [Emily]. She had a dog [Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, War of the Coprophages], called Queequeg, who is later eaten alive by an alligator [Quagmire]. In a spirit of rebellion, she got a tattoo on her back [Never Again] - a snake biting is own tail to symbolise the circles she feels her life is running in. Her favorite music is classical [Chinga]. Like Mulder, she's sometimes seen curled up in front of the television. She was seen watching a Laurel and Hardy movie [Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose], and she tells Mulder "The Exorcist" was one of her favorite movies [Miracle Man]. She also refers to "Carrie" ("You mean how Carrie got even at the prom?") and Poltergeist ("They're heeeere") [Shadows]. She refers to "Child's Play" (the 'Chucky' movies) [Chinga]. The last date she went on before Ed Jerse was to see "Glengarry Glen Ross" but the characters in the movie had a better time. Her date with her nephew had her watching Babe non-stop [Home], and we know she's seen Star Wars [Small Potatoes]. She prefers baths to showers [Pilot, Squeeze, Chinga], but will take a shower when rushed [Young At Heart]. [Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Movie]

Special Agent Dana Scully

[Scully's badge] Name: Dana Katherine Scully
Badge number: JTT0331613
Height: 5'3"
Weight: unknown
Hair color: Red
Eyes color: Blue
Birthdate: February 23, 1964
Birthplace: unknown, brought up at Miramar Naval Air Station
Address: Apt. 35, 1419 unknown street, Georgtown, DC
Phone no. Cellular: (202) 555-3564 [Sleepless], (202) 555-6431, (202)555-0113 [Movie], (202)555-0166 [Drive], Home: (202) 555-3564
E-Mail: D_Scully@FBI.gov, queequeg0925@hotmail.com
Status: Single
Father: William Scully
Mother: Margaret "Maggie" Scully
Siblings: Older brother - William Jr., Older sister - Melissa, Younger brother - Charles
Son: William Scully
Education: Maryland University, 1986