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The X-Files Pictures
This is one of most popular demands from this site's viewers. Well, here it is. Here you can find about five hundred pictures of David and Gillian (not Mulder and Scully). There are almost no episodic photos and not too much 'agent' photos. The photos come from various places all over the net and they are probably copyrighted by their respective authors. I tried to reduce the files' sizes as much as possible without the loss of their quality.
The pictures are usually assorted and there might be some duplicates. Let me know.
Since the images are located on a different server, you might notice quite a downgrade of speed. I am sorry for that, but I don't have enough disk space on my server to host these 580+ pictures. If the speed is too low, let me know and I'll reduce the number of thumbnails per page.
The thumbnails were created by XNview v1.12, the images' sizes were reduced by JPEG Optimizer and JPEG Wizard. Most of the pictures comes from www.geocities.com/thescullyfiles/ and /themulderfiles/, respectively.