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What is a nitpick? Well, it's an error (usually technical one) in the episode which shouldn't be there (of course) - such as this one from "Space": Lt. Col. Marcus Aurelius Belt is shown on a shuttle mission in 1977, when the space shuttle was first flown in 1981.
The original Guide has been featured in "Nettrek", The Washington Post and on C/NET Central.
This version is based on Netpicker's guide to The X-Files which is no longer updated and ends sometime in third season. Its author is Kymberlee Rycke. I was unable to enter into any contact with her, so I decided to continue searching for production errors. However, I wasn't able to have so many correspondents as she apparently had. So, if you locate something weird, like your car in some scene, let me know. Many newer nitpicks are taken from Chaos mailing list.