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Welcome to The X-Files Compilation

Above all
Take a look on news on this site (including links for bloopers download), join our message board, check out which awards were given to this site and make some on-line shopping and buy some X-Files related merchandise.
Basic info
Includes a comprehensive look at The X-Files history and characters, very useful if you don't know much about the show. Also included are snail mail addresses, useful if you want to receive a signed photo of someone from the cast or such... Credits/Fact Sheet is a listing of each season's production crew.
A big table listing all episode titles and their air dates, an attempt to explain the episodes' titles, quick walkthrough through major episodes, list of writers and directors, table showing which character appeared in which episode, awards given to The X-Files and Nielsen ratings for nearly all shown episodes.
Extremely comprehensive description of nearly every character appearing in the show. More complete than any other web's FAQ.
Show Background
Biographies of the actors who appear in the show. Also a quick look on the romance possibility between Mulder and Scully.
Production Staff
Biographies and photos of the creators of the show. Also included are the people who aren't with the show anymore.
Music & Videos
Everything about the music used in the show, as well as information about soundtracks from the show, included are also all the lyrics for the songs. Quick look on the videotapes with the episodes.
Information about places appearing in the series and some little miscellaneous info that didn't fit anywhere else.
Brief episodes' descriptions. Every listing contains guest starring actors, writer and director of the episode, its original airdate and a short synopsis. Also upcoming schedule. Beware of spoilers!
List of episode error and technical omissions, sometimes also called netpicks.
List of hidden references in the episodes, such as someone's name or repeating numbers.
Synopsis and transcript of The X-Files movie, biographies of characters, biographies and filmographies of cast and crew and over 40 reviews.
Links to other X-Files websites, sorted by their geographical location.
Over 550 pics of David and Gillian. Pics, images, pictures, wallpapers, whatever.
Send me an e-mail. Simple as that.
The X-Files Compilation was created by Mentat Software/Ondrej Kavka, Czech Republic, Europe. It started on June 18th, 1997.

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